Volkswagen Genuine car care products

Volkswagen car care products.

When you purchase a Volkswagen, you purchase a car that's built using quality materials and finished to the highest possible standards. As such, all Volkswagen models incorporate a style and quality you'll want to preserve.

Through the use of Volkswagen Genuine Accessories car care products, that are perfectly matched to your Volkswagen's materials, you'll be able to maintain your vehicle's original beauty – year after year.

Why not check out what's available for your vehicle?

Antifreeze concentrate
Reliable antifreeze protection down to -70°C. 500ml bottle.
Part no. 000096319B
Price: €3.51

Autoglym LifeShine
LifeShine by Autoglym offers an advanced system of protective treatments from bumper to bumper, interior and exterior. It helps to keep your car in top condition for the lifetime of your ownership.
Part no. ZGB000096400
Price: €103.50

Carpet and upholstery cleaner
Special combination of high quality fluoride ingredients offers intensive protection against ingress of moisture. 500ml bottle.
Part no. 000096301B
Price: €11.50

Cockpit care
Ideal for all plastic parts. 500ml bottle.
Part no. 000096307B
Price: €9.50

500ml aerosol.
Part no. 000096322B
Price: €9.50

Glass polish
Active foam with cleaning additives for effortless removal of even ingrained dirt. 250ml bottle.
Part no. 000096324
Price: €13.00

Insect remover
Long-lasting care and a beautiful finish to your vehicles paintwork. 500ml bottle.
Part no. 000096300B
Price: €9.50

Leather care
250ml bottle.
Part no. 000096306B
Price: €9.00

Leather cleaner
Mild cleansing and high quality care for smooth leather in all colours. 250ml bottle.
Part no. 000096323A
Price: €9.00

Plastic care
Active cleaning additives for effortless removal of ingrained dirt. 250ml bottle.
Part no. 000096314B
Price: €9.50

Rubber care
Rubber care. Prevents brittleness. Protects and preserves rubber parts. 75ml bottle.
Part no. 000096310B
Price: €9.50

Wax polish
Long-lasting care and a beautiful finish to your vehicles paintwork. 250ml bottle.
Part no. 000096317B
Price: €10.00

Wax shampoo
Wash and wax sparkling clean. Full concentrate cleans, polishes and preserves in one step. 250ml bottle.
Part no. 000096315B
Price: €8.50

Wheel cleaner
Intensive cleaning concentrate making thorough cleaning easier for steel and painted light alloys. 500ml bottle.
Part no. 000096304
Price: €12.50

Windscreen cleaner
Highly effective concentrate with cleaning additives for windscreen washer system. 250ml bottle.
Part no. 000096311B
Price: €8.50

Winter kit
Contains all you need to care for your car during the winter.
Part no. 000096352E
Price: €25.01

Available to order through your local authorised Volkswagen Retailer.

Take care of your car
Take care of your car

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